Things are even worse for couture-based labels. Mumbai-based designer Payal Singhal says, “Skilled labour is scarce and that means our production is going to be scarce. This means we are likely to see less embroidered products in the market, because there’s going to be less access to embroidery. This will inevitably make the prices go up for the end consumer.”

As a result, 2022 is set to be a year of high prices for fashion. industry. On the plus side, the high prices could force the often overindulgent luxury consumer to learn the art of buying less and better, and also make the regular consumer look at renting for their wardrobe.

We have seen hashtags such as #vocalforlocal and #handmadeinindia become a de rigueur part of the digital landscape. However, customers need to be careful not to be fooled. “Some designers are moving towards digital. We, as a label, don’t do that because we believe in working with an original craft..., but a lot of other companies have starting doing digital embroideries,” says Singhal.