Payal Singhal, renowned for her global yet culturally and historically rich designs, has steadily expanded her fashion empire since its establishment in 1999. Singhal has brought her ‘made-in-Bombay but made-for-the-world’ sensibility to New Delhi with a new flagship store. Located in the hip Dhan Mill warehouse, this new store promises Delhi patrons a chance to experience that PS maximalism in person.

Singhal speaks to Grazia about her expansion, the evolution of the Payal Singhal Trunk Show, and the vital role of the creator economy in the fashion industry.

GRAZIA: How are your India Modern designs set to cater to the occasion wear market in New Delhi?

PAYAL SINGHAL: Our collections have a global heart which resonates with our patrons around the world. We design clothes that have a borderless appeal, so our clients across cities have a similar aesthetic, one that makes them resonate with our work. Be it Bombay, Delhi, New York or Dubai. The one difference is that Delhi is big on celebrations, and has more occasions to bring out their festive wear, with a penchant for brighter colours.

G: What can shoppers look forward to with this new flagship store?

PS: The 800 sq ft store is in Ogaan’s gallery space in Dhan Mill, and has been dressed in a signature touch that is true to the world of PS — blush pink and rose gold accents, a Payal Singhal X Marshall’s PS print wallpaper, and soft vintage décor that ties this store to the brand’s three stores in Mumbai as well. The Delhi store will house all our latest occasion wear collections, alongside our other bestsellers ranging from pret, menswear and kidswear to accessories and some of our collaborations too.

G: You’ve been on a steady expansion plan, opening your third Mumbai store in Kala Ghoda not so long ago, and now launching in New Delhi. How have you strategised your long term growth?

PS: We have always been very careful with our expansion plans and have been very conscious of not spreading ourselves too thin or over expanding and have has a slow and steady growth over the years and we will continues this strategy over the years where the growth will be more need based organic authentic and meaningful.

G: Tell us more about the evolution of the Payal Singhal Trunk Show. How is it integral to your brand?

PS: When we hosted our first trunk show in 2000, the concept itself was unheard of in our community. Indians were used to shopping at ‘exhibitions’. I was living in and out of New York at the time, and coined the concept of our designer trunk show — now monikered as the PS Travelling Trunk Show. The idea of an intimate, luxurious trunk show — where one can interact with a designer and shop in a curated environment was new back. It was very well received and has become an important part of our sales strategy ever since. The first one was held in the recreational centre of a Manhattan building, with a capsule collection of 20 pieces. Ever since, the trunk shows have only grown in reach and popularity; travelling every summer across London, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, Long Island, Vancouver and Houston and with new cities added to the roster every season.

G: How do you see the role of the creator economy in fashion in 2023? Please elaborate on some partnerships that have left a mark over the past year.

PS: I think it’s integral to the growth and reach of a brand. The importance of the creator economy is something we recognised well before the pandemic, and we can proudly say we have long-standing relationships with the best creators in the industry. These are names we have been working with since 2016 — the House of MISU featured in our campaign back then, and we even dressed all the bridesmaids at Summiyya’s wedding back in 2018. Nicole Mehta walked the runway for us in early 2020, and if you took a look at our Instagram, you’ll see that we are actively working closely with established and upcoming names to showcase our latest pieces. Every year, ahead of our summer trunk shows in the US, we work on a massive campaign featuring creators from the South Asian diaspora — a campaign that always creates much buzz.

G: What’s your vision for expanding into other product categories such as furnishings, beauty, gadgets and footwear? Who are you collaborating with?

PS: We have already expanded to multiple categories for over a decade now. We were one of the early brands to realise the importance of collaborations, partnering with brands who are leaders into their own fields, to bring the PS aesthetic to a wider audience. From high street, technology, footwear and wallpapers to skincare, jewellery, flowers, food and accessories, there’s a lot we are constantly offering our patrons. And we are just getting started! Lots more to come this year and in the future.