Leading South Asian fashion designer, Payal Singhal known for her signature aesthetic: contemporary and minimalistic, with a vintage heart. Her collection emphasis on wearability, comfort, value for money and effortless impact. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer shares her thoughts on keeping a balance between her personal and professional life and highlights the increasing influence of creators and bloggers on the fashion industry.

Fibre2Fashion: Why did you choose fashion designing as a career? Was it your dream since childhood?

Payal Singhal:

My father was in the garment business, and my grandfather was a very well-known artist and photographer. I grew up around art and fashion, and I was always creatively inclined. And at a young age, I got an award in fashion at the age of 15. I had the talent, but it is not like I dreamt of fashion, but I was creative and I loved clothes and I had the opportunity because of my father. So that is how I got into fashion.