Indian designer Payal Singhal knows how to blend Indian designs with modern silhouettes. Taking that philosophy ahead, Ms. Singhal has launched her first jewellery collection in collaboration with the Jaipur-based label Sangeeta Boochra. The jewellery brand is known for handcrafted jewellery made by master craftsmen of India.
Titled ‘Zaiwar’, the collection uses kundan, silver and inlay work pieces to design a line of contemporary, everyday jewels for the #PSGirl. Each design from this 50-piece capsule line is a marriage of something old, with something new — an aesthetic that both brands resonate with.
The mood behind the collection was to allow present-day connoisseurs to wear their heritage on their sleeve every day - from work to brunch to cocktail evenings and travel!
“We were looking for the perfect amalgamation of the old and the new, that perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. Designs that could go on to tell tales of heritage yet be a part of the modern design aesthetic. Payal has a unique design sensibility of infusing traditional techniques with modern Indian wear. So, together the two brands have brought forward for you pieces that could go on to be heirlooms. During the Mughal era, gold inlay work was specifically done on gemstones like margaz or emeralds. We have tried to achieve the gold quality and finish with silver, handcrafted by the master craftsmen and gold artisans from India,” stated Abhineet & Riteek Boochra.
The 50-piece collection encompasses silver handcrafted necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings, and pendants, made with gold plated inlay work, Kundan motifs, semi-precious stones and pearls. The collection is available at all Payal Singhal and Sangeeta Boochra stores as well as online on and