This LIMITED EDITION collection is a collaboration between two global brands unified by a common thread: empowerment.  Payal Singhal, empowers change-makers with her contemporary design wear and enables expression beyond the traditional Indian silhouette fusing both modern and traditional identities.   Similarly RANAVAT, through its modern take on ancient elixirs and royal-inspired skin treatments, empowers women and men to elevate their self care ritual and treat themselves like royalty.  #BeautifullyEmpowered #RanavatxPayalSinghal

Payal Singhal has always stood out as an artist that is not afraid to blend the traditional Indian silhouette with western inspiration.  In doing so- she’s taking Indian traditional garments and allowing men and women to express themselves in areas beyond their wedding day: red carpet events, special moments in their lives, or even “just because”  she’s empowering us to express our dual identities and the many roles we play outside of the traditional wedding role. 

Payal Singhal and Michelle Ranavat (Promoter of Ranavat) wanted to create a collection that really spoke to both their identities: The Royal Ritual but also the #PSGirl- a fierce game-changer.  Payal dressed up the collection beautifully with her signature print and they created a completely giftable set that serves as an indulgent gift to yourself- or a special person in your life.  However you decide to enjoy the collection, this is your moment to pause and celebrate yourself- you are #beautifullyempowered.

The collection has everything you need for super glowy skin- well after the wedding day!   On cleansed skin you would start by misting your jasmine tonique (a 100% pure and organic blend of jasmine flowers) to tone and hydrate.  Next follow with a few drops of Radiant Rani Brightening Serum- a saffron infused elixir that brings a beautiful glow to the skin while evening your complexion.  Finally, end your ritual with Mighty Majesty-- our jasmine and amla inflused hair serum.  Add a small bit on the ends for daily use or use an overnight oil treatment for deep conditioning.  The most important part of your ritual is luxuriate in your royal moment. 

The limited edition set and other products from the collaboration are available exlcusively on shipping worldwide as well as leading beauty stores in the USA, UAE and other international markets.